Attorney Frequently Asked Questions


  • Once my client has started the online course, can they logout and finish it at a later date?
    Yes. The client can logout at any time and when they log back into the course, it will pick up where they left off. There is an auto-save feature in the course, and the client can also press the “Logout” button at the top of their course any time during the course.
  • Do my clients need to know the exact dollar amount owed to each creditor?
    No. If your client does not know the exact dollar amount owed to each creditor, an estimated amount will be sufficient for each category of debt (i.e. Credit cards $5000, medical $3000 etc.).
  • I have clients that are filing jointly, do the client and co-client need to be on the phone at the same time?
    No. We can counsel both the client and co-client at different times, but we will not issue the completion certificates until we have spoken to both clients.
  • When are counselors available to counsel clients and issue completion certificates?
    DECAF has live counselors and tech support available 24/7. (DECAF is closed on certain Holidays).
  • Approximately how long does the course take to complete?
    The online courses are self-paced and times will vary depending on the client. The client should set aside approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to allow sufficient time to complete the course. Phone courses are not self-paced and will take between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete in most cases.
  • Once my client completes the course online or by telephone, will they need to call in to speak with a counselor?
    Yes. The client will not receive a completion certificate until they make a final call to speak with a counselor to verify their information and issue the completion certificate.
  • Once my client completes the course online or by telephone, will they need to call in to speak with a counselor?
    Yes. The client will not receive a completion certificate until they make a final call to speak with a counselor to verify their information and issue the completion certificate.


  • How are certificates delivered to the attorney?
    The Attorney Account allows for automated and immediate certificate delivery of completion certificates to the attorney in most cases. Certificates are posted to the Attorney Account and available on the "View Clients" tab when logged into your Attorney Account. Certificates are also automatically emailed to the email address designated on your account. Emails can be blocked by "spam filters" within your email system, so contact your service provider if you are not receiving certificate emails.
  • Can I designate more than one email address for certificates to be delivered to?
    Yes. Go to the "My Account" tab within your Attorney Account and insert a comma, a space and the new email address after the first email address. Click the "Submit" button to save your changes.
  • Can I make changes to my account, or do I need to call DECAF?
    Yes. You can make certain changes to your account under your "My Account" tab such as contact information changes or changes to the email address for certificates to be delivered to. If you need additional assistance, such as changing the method by which courses are paid, please call 877-332-2366.
  • What is the “Customize” tab used for?
    The “Customize” tab allows the attorney to create a custom letter that will be viewed by their clients at the beginning of the bankruptcy courses. The attorney may choose to use the default message provided, use a portion of the default message or completely re-write a message to fit the needs of their firm. Once the letter is entered and the attorney name included in the “Signature” box, the message can be previewed and changes saved by pressing the “Save custom message settings” button. The message can be turned on or off by toggling between on and off and pressing the “Save custom message settings” button.
  • I am no longer receiving my client certificates via email through my Attorney Account. How can this be fixed?
    Certificates are emailed from automated servers, and are sometimes mistaken for Spam and blocked by your email provider. Contact your email service provider or IT personnel for assistance. An alternative email address may also be entered using free email services such as Yahoo or Hotmail. A new email address can be entered in your Attorney Account in the “My Account” tab.


  • How are courses billed?
    Courses can be paid by the attorney (attorney pay) or paid by the client when they begin their course (client pay). If you wish to change the way your courses are currently being paid, please call 877-332-2366
  • How do I receive a refund if I accidentally register and pay for my client twice?
    Call 866-859-7323 for refund requests
  • How do I change my credit or debit card information if courses are attorney pay?
    After enrolling your next client, proceed to the "Payment Confirmation" screen and click on the "Edit" button (rather than the "submit" button) and enter your new information.
  • Can I change how my account is billed? (From Client Pay to Attorney Pay or vice versa)
    Yes. You will need to call 877-332-2366 to have your billing preferences changed.
  • Can I view all of the charges that were charged to my credit card?
    Yes. To view credit card charges, log in to your account and click on the "Reports" tab. from there, you can pick a date range to run and view transactions occurring during that time.
  • If I am set up as Attorney Pay, Can I enroll a single client and have them pay, without changing how my account is normally billed?
    Yes. After you have entered the client information, do not select a course. The client will be able to pick the appropriate course and make payment when they log in or call to take the course.


  • How do I receive a refund if I accidentally register and pay for my client twice?
    Call 866-859-7323, email [email protected] or fax the request to 866-244-1541.
  • Do I need to register both clients for couples filing jointly?
    No. Only register and pay for one client. The spouse will need to participate in the course and will have an opportunity to enter their information during the course. Both course participants can receive completion certificates, without paying or taking separate courses.
  • When registering my clients, does the username and password need to be anything specific?
    No. Simply use any combination of words or numbers to create a username and password. The username and password are case sensitive, and are usually easier for the client to enter correctly if they are not overly complicated.
  • My clients Credit Counseling certificate has expired. Will I need to re-register the client?
    Yes. The client is required to complete the course again. Log back into your account and enroll the client as if the client was a new client.
  • How do I receive my 2 free courses?
    Once you set up an Attorney Account, the first Credit Counseling course (course 1) you register will have the fees “waived” at the “Payment Confirmation” screen. The first Debtor Education course (course 2) you register will also have the fees “waived”. Be sure to click the “submit” button on the “Payment Confirmation” screen when enrolling the first client.
  • I am unable to find a client in my list of clients on the “View Client” tab. How do I find the client?
    Login to your Attorney Account and click on the “View Client” tab. Now, uncheck the “By Date Registered” and click the “Submit” button. This will show all of registered clients. The “By Date Registered” tab is checked by default to hide older clients from the list to make the list size more manageable to navigate. If the “Cert Filed W/ Court” field has been used, see the next question.
  • In my Account under "View Clients", I see a box that reads “Cert Filed W/Court”, what is that and what does it mean?
    The “Cert Filed W/Courts” box can be used if your clients are completely through with Bankruptcy and they have received and had all certificates filed with the court. This function will hide the client from appearing on your list of clients. If you need to view these clients at a later date, check the “View clients with certificates filed with courts” box on the “View Clients” tab of your Attorney Account and click on the “Submit” button.
  • How do I view my clients once I have checked the box “Cert Filed W/Courts”?
    Log into your Account and go to the “View Clients” tab. Uncheck the “by Date Register” box and check the box labeled “View clients with certificates filed with courts” and then click the “Submit” button.
  • My client has finished Course 1(Credit Counseling), can I now register the client for course 2 (Debtor Education) under my clients original account?
    Yes. Log into your account and go to the “View Clients” tab, find the client that you are looking for and click on the client’s name. It will ask you if you would like to register the client for another course, click on “Register”. By utilizing the same account for both courses, your clients information from Course 1(Credit Counseling) will automatically populate to course 2(Debtor Education) reducing the information your client will need to enter.

Why Choose BKcert?

Course 1 and Course 2 are offered through BKcert, a U.S. Trustee approved agency*.
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Unbiased counseling
  • Unrivaled convenience
  • Couples filing jointly can complete courses together, at no additional charge

What Is DECAF?

Debt Education & Certification Foundation (DECAF) provides credit counseling certificates as required before filing for bankruptcy and Debtor Education courses to be completed after filing.

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